Saturday mornings

Is there anything better? I mean really. Well maybe Saturday mornings with a full nights sleep the night before. Between the little man and the dog, it was a rough night. But everything is ok because Saturday mornings are the best. Starting the day at the unusual, more leisurely pace. Sitting on the couch with a coffee and your favorite creamer mixed thogether perfectly. The anticipation of the entire next two full days without work. Family time is at a premium and it is mornings like these that really have to be cherished. There isn’t the rushing about getting yourself ready, making sure the dog got outside and got breakfast and water, getting the little man in his car seat and remembering everything for day care for that day. There isn’t the rush everyone out the door only to work all day and not see them until evening. Saturday mornings are perfect because you get to enjoy family, enjoy life and relax for a minute. I love every minute of playing with my son on Saturday mornings. It’s so fun watching him develop a personality, smiling and giggling, sitting up and playing with his toys, laughing hysterically when tickeled or when I look away and look back at him. So many firsts and so many things changing, this is a really exciting time for me as a father and for us as a family.

Correction: Saturday mornings with a six month old are the best thing ever, regardless of sleep!


Blogging is hard

Ok, well, not blogging itself.  That is easy. Typing very personal words into a post to a very public forum is not the difficult part.  It’s finding the time that is the struggle.  When I originally decided to start this I told myself I’d have to pace my posts, make sure to spread them out a bit, because I had so many ideas of what to share.  Now, here it is three weeks from my last post! To be fair, it’s been a busy three weeks.  I planned to do most of my writing at work, you know, take 20-30 minutes here and there to post something and get back at it.  It’s obvious how that has turned out.  I haven’t had 20-30 minutes to think or eat lunch! In my defense, I did recently accept a promotion.  Well, recently as in June, but I’ve been doing double duty since and we just now found my backfill.  I’ve had to spend every minute with this person for two weeks straight and try to make them understand all of what I was doing, while also accomplishing all of my own new tasks.  Turns out this blog has been on the back burner.  Not that there haven’t been more ideas and more stories to share in the last few weeks, there have been plenty.  I have to share the story my attempt at getting a six month baby photo, Labor Day weekend where Mac got to experience a pool and the lake and Mac’s first days at day care.  Yes, he’s started day care now, only with the one of the Grandmas, one day a week. 

I’ve typed this on my phone in bed in the middle of the night, awake for no good reason, but I’ve found some time to post.  Here’s to hoping it’s not another three weeks before I can make time to post again!