My First Halloween

Well, not my first Halloween, this will be my 32nd but my first as a father. Today is Mac’s first Halloween! Today will be the first time Mac will put on a silly outfit and get 100s of pictures taken. Well, that’s not exactly true either. He always has a camera in his face. He gets more pictures than paparazzi takes of A-List celebs. I think we’re still in awe that he’s actually ours, but the reality is, he’s 8 ½ months old! It’s really hard to believe how fast the last several months have gone. It seems like just yesterday that we were leaving the hospital. Anyway, back to Halloween.

Initially I thought the perfect costume would be to dress Mac as Mini Me, from the Austin Powers movies. He still has very little hair, and the hair he does have is very light blonde, so I thought this would be a perfect outfit. I, obviously, would go as Dr Evil, and since I’m lacking in the hair department as well these days, I could easily pull it off, without even buying a bald cap. I liked this idea so much, I told everyone that asked that we were going to do it. This was before I realized how difficult it is to find a Mini Me outfit. I figured, I’d just google it, pick the best ones from several different options and order them online. I thought for sure this would be a popular idea with any parents of little ones that look like them. I knew I was in trouble when I couldn’t find any for babies online. Sure I could just put him in any grey outfit, but I wanted it to be authentic. Of course, if they weren’t online, the stores were not likely to have them either. The sales person looked at me as though it was a ridiculous question to even ask about a Mini Me or a Dr. Evil outfit. But of course they had tons of Elsa costumes and any character from Game of Thrones. I finally gave in to the fact that we may have to go another route. Luckily, we had a hand-me-down Little Monkey costume for Mac, so I could find something to go with it. Naturally, I waited until 6PM on October 30th to look. The Halloween stores were packed. I went to three different stores looking for the perfect match to the Little Monkey, and finally, I came home with an Adult sized Banana costume.

All of my friends have asked me if I was taking Mac out for Trick or Treating tonight for his first Halloween. I laughed at them, but honestly I hadn’t even thought of it. If I take him door to door, even though people in my neighborhood would love to see him, wouldn’t that seem a little rude or perhaps greedy? Everyone would know that the candy he’s getting is obviously not going to be consumed by him. He doesn’t even have teeth! I don’t want to appear as though I’m using him to get candy. Instead, we’re going to dress up and stay at home and pass out candy. This way he still gets to be seen plenty, and we will have hundreds of happy little monsters at our door saying Trick or Treat. It’s amazing how life changes as you get older, but I couldn’t imagine anything I’d rather do tonight.

As far as this morning goes, my instructions were to put him in something cute. I think I try to do that every day, but today we decided to go with a baseball jersey because I didn’t think he wanted to be in his monkey suit all day at daycare. Here’s the morning as told by Mac:

“Good morning! Happy Halloween! I’m wearing my Brewers jersey with matching blue and gold booties and daddy found an orange shirt. I was going to wear sweatpants, but daddy could only find black ones and that would have been disastrous, so I’m wearing dark navy blue corduroy pants. Sometimes daddy struggles to find the correct items to complete my outfit, but I just laugh at him from the changing table. I’m always in a great mood in the mornings! Wait til you see what we’re wearing tonight!” -Mac

mac on halloween

Monkey Mac and BENana