GrammaRama Day!

It doesn’t get much better than this.  Monday.  The day most of us look forward to the least, as it means back to work, back to the grind, and five long days until the weekend.  However, Mondays have a different meaning in our house these days, Mondays are GrammaRama Day: Where two Grandmas come to play!

After my wife returned to work after three months of maturnity leave, Mac was cared during the work days by his grandmas.  Who better to provide the love and attention while we were at work.  And how fortunate of us to be able to have both sets of grandparents close enough to see him so often! We had it made too, my mom and mother-in-law would plan the week out for us, both agreeing to which days they would be there to watch Mac. They would plan around each of their schedules accordingly, but would never seem to agree on who would get three days and who would only get two.  It worked out that my mom would take Wednesday mornings because she would volunteer at church wednesay afternoons and evenings.  This was perfect for my mother-in-law to take Wednesday afternoons and this became known as GrammaRama days!

Now eventually we had to enroll Mac in daycare and when that time came, we decided that he would go for 4 days, Tuesday through Friday.  This left Monday open for the taking.  Of course we weren’t surprised to find that it was not difficult to find coverage for Monday.  In fact, both grandmas offered to watch him every Monday, because they couldn’t imagine only getting him every other week.  Obviously this wouldn’t be the only time they would see him, the grandparents get to see him for dinners or getogethers pretty regularly.  However, if the opportunity was to see him every Monday, neither of these two would turn that down.  For the last two plus months, Mac has been lucky enough to have a GrammaRama Day every Monday! He looks forward to each Monday, and I know both of his Grandmas do as well.

Yesterday, however, was an even more special day.  My dad, Papa Paul, came over in the morning with my mom and Grandpa Steve, aka Beepa, came over with in the afternoon with Grandma Pam.  I try to tell them all how much this means to us to be able to have them care for him.  When I asked about compensation, they always turn us down and my mom even goes as far to ask how much she has to pay! (FYI, she’s funny) Mondays are special in our house especially yesterday. What a great day! Mac had a Double GrammaRamaGrandpaRama Day!


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