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Take Me Out To The Ballgame

This morning I turned on the TV and heard Mac exclaim “look, Dada, it’s baseball!” Followed by, “I go to watch baseball game and see fireworks and you and I yell Homerun!”  It was incredible, not to mention quite the long sentence for a not even two and a half year old.  It was special to hear that he likes baseball as much as his father.  Luckily for both of us we got to attend two baseball games as a family this past week.  On Tuesday, our whole family went to the Minnesota Twins game with my wife and her company.  Two days later, the four of us all got to attend the St. Paul Saints game with my work!  

There are a couple really exciting things to point out about this.  First, we both have new jobs!  Back in December I had been offered to move out of state or take a severance package.  We chose the latter and I began searching for work.  In Jaunary, 8 days after my last day, my wife’s company announced unexpected lay offs of over 50% of their employees, effective immediately.  Ironically, a few weeks later we both started new jobs the same exact day and as of this week we’ve both been at our new companies for just over six months! 

But what’s more exciting about this first paragraph?  That’s right, we’re a family of four now!  Charleston Grace (or ‘Baby Charchee’ as Mac lovingly calls her) was born on April 27th and we couldn’t be more in love!  Mac has been an excellent big brother and the two of them are already best friends.  Charlee even comes along to the stadium to cheer on our favorite ball clubs, although she doesn’t have much choice.  

Needless to say with two new jobs and a new baby girl, things have been pretty crazy around here!  Oh, and by family of four I really meant five.  Don’t worry nothing’s happened to our dog Lucky and he still lives with us! 


Mommy, Daddy, Baseball?

From the day my son was born I found myself, wondering what his first words will be.  Beforehand, I understood that he wouldn’t come out of the womb talking in complete sentences.  But I honestly had no idea what to expect from him from a speaking perspective.  In the early days, he was pretty much silent, except for when he needed something. Of course he would let us know if he was hungry, tired, or needed a diaper change, but it was only crying. Slowly he began to be awake more hours of the day than he was sleeping, which was really exciting.  Eventually he started to make the cooing sound that the doctors ask you about.  The first time I heard this I stopped breathing for a second.  It was the most insignificant noise, but the most meaningful at the same time.  From that day on, I thought he was on the verge of talking.  Every day I would ask, “can you say Mommy? Daddy? Baseball?”  He would just smile, and coo and make other new squeaks and mmmm sounds.  I swear he says Mom and Momma all the time, but he isn’t saying it because he knows what it means.  My mom thinks he’s saying Oma, obviously.  As much as I think it would be neat if his first word was baseball, I can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

Mac and Daddy at the Twins game (Mac and Daddy at the Twins game)

Recently he’s been starting to add B, D and P sounds to his ahhh noises, so we are getting lots of baba, dada, and papa to go along with momma.  Secretly I think he knows what Dada means because he’s been saying it all morning!