Daddy Needs Diaper Money

And so it begins.  Post number two, and I’m a little already off topic.

I just have to mention that I am really excited that it is August, well, half way though August that is.  (and just as excited that it is Friday)  This is the time of year that football returns to TV, even if it is only preseason.  What’s even better is at this point, every team still has a shot at the championship, even the Vikings!  Ok, maybe they’ve had better teams, but I’m not giving up hope this could be our year.  Along with the start of the NFL Football season, also brings the start of the fantasy football season.  I’m in 6 leagues.  I know, I know, that’s way too many.  But I have leagues with several different groups of friends, and I have a very hard time saying no.  It is difficult to watch the games and cheer for specific players, because with 6 teams, I’m most likely playing against someone on one team, that is on my team in another league.  I just hope to win more than I lose, and I really enjoy the social part of the competition amongst friends.  My first fantasy football draft is tomorrow night, and we’re doing it right this year too.  We’re golfing 18 holes in the morning, before the draft party, which is one of the greatest nights of the year.  Undoubtedly at least one person in the league will make a fool of themselves.  Of course, this will not be me.  I’m 32 now, a mature adult, and I have a wife and a baby at home. (get back to me on Sunday).  Daddy Needs Diaper Money.  That’s my new team name.  I fell like I have a name that will look good on the trophy this season.  With 6 leagues, I’d better at least win one right?  They don’t give out last place trophies with Daddy Lost Diaper Money on Fantasy Football.  See, it’s come full circle, my life really is all about the little man!


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