We had our first real snowfall of the season this week.   It was only a few inches, but it was the snow that started out soft, light and fluffy, but ended up really sloppy and heavy as the tempurature rose above freezing.  Of course, because we’re still staying at my parents, I ‘volunteered’ to help my dad with our driveway, and the neighbor’s.   It wasn’t until later when I was picking up Mac to put him in the car to go to day care when it hit me.  Literally.  A huge snowball, right on the top of the head.  I immediately looked around in circles, as it exploded off of my head, and into Mac’s face and jacket.  I expected to see one of my parents rushing down to see if we were alright, exclaiming that they didn’t mean to hit me in the face, or perhaps a neighbor, giggling and running away in fear of retaliation.  But I saw nothing.  As though it were slow motion, I watched as Mac slowly began a mini meltdown.  Not because he was hurt, I checked and assured him that he was alright, but simply because it was a surprise.  It became clear that it was just an unlikely circumstance that a large chunk of snow, that had been previously resting on a large tree branch above us, happened to get just warm enough that it melted slightly and slid off and landed directly on us.  Luckily it wasn’t enough to spoil our entire day as it only took a couple of Disney sing-along songs in the car along with pointing out every truck and bus on the way to day care to make everything right with the world.

Later I started thinking, there were several factors that all had to take place at exactly the right time for Mac and I to be standing right where we were just as the all of the other factors that led to the chunk of snow falling occured.  I guess that’s just how it is with life sometimes.  

Speaking of snowballs, what’s the saying you hear all the time, everything happens in threes?  Seems fitting that this all leads up to 3 major changes for our family.  As you may or may not know, we are expecting our 2nd child in April.  Tomorrow afternoon we have a scheduled ultrasound, that will result in us potentially knowing the sex of the new baby!  If that weren’t exciting enough for one day, we are also scheduled to close on our new home tomorrow morning!  And finally, with the exciting news comes some other ‘news’ which I can’t label good or bad as of yet.  My company just recently annouced some major structural changes that will result in there no longer being a position for me here in Minnesota.  They did offer full relocation to my choice of either Denver or Dallas, but due to family/new house/new child/etc, we have decided to stay put.  So the search is on for my next opportunity in my career and ultimately this will be another positive in the long term.

Unfortunately with all of the good news, there has to be some sadness.  Tonight will be the last night that our family will be staying with my parents.  I’m not sure who I feel more sorry for.  Our dog, Lucky, or as Mac lovingly refers to him as Ya-Ya, will be significantly more lonely in an empty house.  No longer will he be able to play with my parent’s dog Brisco, or cuddle with Oma and Papa long after my wife and I go to bed.  Mac is also in for an unfortunate realization when he doesn’t get to hang out with Oma every morning and watch Ma Mow (Mickey Mouse) and eat pancakes before day care.  No longer will we get in the car after a full day of day care and have Mac repeatedly scream “Oma, Papa” the entire way to our temporary home at my parent’s.  Most of all my parents are in for the biggest change.  We brought quite the chaos and noise with when the four of us moved in just five weeks ago.  It seemed like it all happened so fast.  There were memories made these last few weeks that will last forever, and for that I’m grateful.  Like when Mac went from saying Nnnniiiiiiinnnnnneee FFooooooouurrrrrrr (9 4 with a little inflection at the end as though each is a question) every time he started to count, to learning to count from one to ten and scream YAY!  Or when we have our wonderfully prepared meals (which we’ll miss dearly) and Mac folds his hands to pray with Oma and says AMEN.  Or when we took Mac through the old neighborhood for his first Halloween.

We are forever thankful of the genorosity of my parent’s for taking us in these last five weeks, and even moreso for the memories that we’ve shared.  We love you! 

We’re certainly looking forward to settling down after the last several months have been a snowball effect. 

image  Oma and her boys!




One thought on “Snowball”

  1. Wow Ben! You possibly have s career blooming as a writer! You are right there will be big changes 2947 Idaho after tonight or possibly tomorrow night? However, don’t be too surprised if we are sitting in your front porch some evenings when you get home from work and day care😊. Everyone asked us ” how’s it going with another family “living ” with you?” Both you dad and I say it’s been great! Could it be any different then when you ask Mac how he is and he replies “great” in very recognizable language.
    There is a saying –“Change is always inevitable and growth optional”. I believe we certainly learn lots as we go thru life changes however, growth comes from taking all the twists and turns from those changes and being thankful for all we have and all the people in our lives that have helped us along the way.
    May God continue to bless you, Krisy and yourfamily as you begin yet another new chapter in your life!
    Keep on writing!!!!


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