Lucky Number Seven

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about Mac’s counting for a while now.  It started several months back when the Grandmas would count with Mac as he walked down the stairs.  It quickly evolved into counting fruit snacks before he eats them, or counting his trucks and cars.  No matter the subject, the results were the same. Mac would very clearly say, “1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10, Yay!”  As I type this I realize that this needs to be heard aloud.  Reading this to yourself, you may not even realize something is missing.  Our brains are funny like that.  But I assure the seven is missing.  Mac doesn’t say seven.  Ever.  And it’s really funny to try to get him to.  It is to the point where I seriously start to think he’s doing it on purpose,  almost as a way of trolling my wife because seven is her favorite number.  Even when we’re not counting one through ten and you ask Mac to say “seven”, he screams “eeeeeiiiigggghhhhttttt!”

At all of our recent holiday gatherings we asked Mac to show everyone how he counts.  At every single attempt, he skips seven and clearly doesn’t care.  My dad made a logical observation that it could be because seven is the only number within 1-10 that has two syllables.  I still think he’s doing it on purpose and laughing at all of us though because he’s not even making an attempt to say it.  My brother thinks it’s obvious that he is scared of seven because 7 8 9. (Seven ate nine). Turns out my brother’s funny too, maybe Mac gets it from his Uncle.



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